GOT7’s Jackson Wang Is Offically A Member Of The Kinjaz, But There’s Another Position In The Group He Has His Eyes On

Welcome to the Kin, Jackson.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has been burning up the biggest stages worldwide, all in 2022. Starting with his historical Coachella performance as the first Chinese singer to grace the main stage, then opening THE MATCH Bangkok Century Cup 2022, and most recently performing at Head In The Clouds 2022, Jackson has delivered stunning shows that capture the hearts of all who witness his charisma and talent.

As with any performance, there’s a team of people working with Jackson to deliver the most powerful stages. The Kinjaz have worked closely with Jackson on many choreographies and music videos, including his latest single, “Blow.” They even took to the stage with him at Head In The Clouds.

After the performance, The Kinjaz surprised Jackson with a custom-made bomber jacket, but that wasn’t the only gift they had prepared for Jackson.

Jackson Wang | @kinjaz/Instagram

While he’s been an honorary member and brother for a long time, The Kinjaz decided to seal the deal and formally welcome him into the family.

Jackson couldn’t help but drop to the floor, overwhelmed with emotion. While nothing really changes in their relationship, given that The Kinjaz and Jackson already treat each other like family, it’s still a huge deal for Jackson to become an official member. As an idol and global superstar, he isn’t able to participate in the regular activities the rest of the dancers do. Still, for The Kinjaz, they’ve worked with Jackson so often that he’s naturally become a part of their crew.

Like the humble man he is, Jackson insisted that his label would be as a part of the artist team and not the main crew. Anthony Lee, the co-founder of The Kinjaz, told him that whatever position Jackson wanted was his. At those words, Jackson’s playful nature couldn’t help but take over as he declared that he’d like to be the CEO of The Kinjaz.

As the CEO of The Kinjaz, Jackson offered to raise everyone’s salary by five times. Even Anthony Lee was onboard with letting the position fall into Jackson’s hands. After all, who can resist such a charismatic boss who offers a huge raise?

All jokes aside, Jackson led The Kinjaz in their team cheer before celebrating with them. This will surely be a memory he’ll cherish for a lifetime, and we can’t wait to see what other amazing performances lie in store.