GOT7’s Jackson Wang Looks Stunning In MAPS March Issue…And It’s Already Sold Out

Did you snag your copy?

MAPS and Team Wang have released photos from Jackson Wang‘s magazine photoshoot for MAPS‘ March issue, and he looks handsome as always.

| mapsworld_kr/Instagram

It was also revealed on MAPS’ Instagram that Jackson took part in the photoshoot directing, in addition to modeling.

| @teamwangofcl/Twitter

The Instagram post also came with words of wisdom from the man himself:

“I believe that someone needs to know what they like and what they love to follow the path of their desires. In order to follow that path, you need to think about the detailed methods on how to achieve it. One must think about what needs to be done in order to achieve their dreams, the plans and the practice that are required.”

— Jackson Wang

| @teamwangofcl/Twitter

Unfortunately, both the A and B versions of Jackson’s MAPS March Issue are already sold out on the official MAPS website. I guess I’ll just stare at these photos until its restocked. You can see more photos on MAPS Instagram, and Team Wang’s Twitter.