GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Love For Thailand Started Even Before His Trainee Days

Thailand holds precious memories for him.

In an exclusive interview with Vogue Thailand, GOT7‘s Jackson Wang answered questions as the founder and creative director of TEAM WANG Design. Besides sharing his vision and favorite collaborations, Jackson also explained why he chose Thailand as the first country abroad to expand his brand into.

| Vogue Thailand/YouTube           

He and his creative team have wanted to expand into Thailand since the beginning, but creating a space reflective of the TEAM WANG spirit in another country wasn’t easy. However, after two years, Jackson threw his first summer party to celebrate his SPARKLES MUDANCE concept in Bangkok.

When the interviewer asked Jackson why he loved Thailand so much, Jackson didn’t know where to start.

I could go on until tomorrow. Beautiful place, beautiful country, beautiful people, the culture.

It’s also personal to Jackson, and not just because Thailand is the home of one of his best friends and bandmates, BamBam. Thailand is the country Jackson won his first Asian gold medal for fencing and the place where he had his last competition as a fencer.

He even remembers the exact location of the competition, including the specific floor of the building it took place in. While Jackson has left fencing in the past, his years of experience as a fencer helped shape him into the person he is today. Fencing will always have a place in his heart, and since winning gold in the Asian Games was the bridge to his journey in music (he made a deal with his dad that if he won gold, he could go to train in Korea), his last competition will forever be special.

Of course, it’s also the little things that Jackson loves about Thailand, like having access to vast amounts of durian and getting to go to Foodland as often as he wants.

You can watch the full interview with Jackson here: