GOT7’s Jackson Wang And Mark Thrill Fans By Reuniting At Concert, Partying Together At A Club Afterwards

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For fans of the third-generation K-Pop group GOT7, the last few years have brought enormous change.  Since leaving JYP Entertainment in 2021, the group have proven their dedication to staying together, making a comeback last May amid their busy individual schedules.

GOT7 | @got7/Twitter

As the members continue their solo careers and military enlistments, fans have seen them together much less often. The group were a hot topic just a few weeks ago when all the members, minus Mark and Jackson, uploaded a photo together.

While all members have remained busy, Jackson and Mark immediately jumped into touring. Last year, Mark completed his first US tour and announced the upcoming Asian portion, while Jackson has simultaneously made festival appearances during his Magic Man world tour.

GOT7’s Mark and Jackson Wang | @got7official/Twitter
| Mark Tuan
| Team Wang

Following his massive two-weekend performances at Coachella 2023, Jackson launched the American portion of his tour in Los Angeles, stunning fans with amazing performances during soundcheck and the main performances.

Fans in attendance at the event noticed someone special sitting in the balcony of the show — none other than LA resident Mark Tuan! Fans spotted Mark filming throughout the show, every bit the supportive friend.

Jackson even brought Mark on stage for the final bow, exciting fans even more.

The GOT2 interactions didn’t end there, as Jackson was spotted leaving the venue in Mark’s car as they headed to the official afterparty at a local club. Once there, the two were inseparable as they made their way through the club, just as touchy with each other as ever.

Jackson even tried drawing Mark into a dance battle!

Fans online and in attendance couldn’t help but cry happy tears at the pair reuniting.



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