GOT7’s Jackson Wang Is Going Viral In The Football Community For The Most Jackson-Like Thing Ever

Yet another iconic Jackson video to add to the list.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang performed at The Match Bangkok Century Cup 2022 Opening Show, and like always, he lit the stage on fire with his outstanding performances. There, Jackson gave fans a sneak peek into his upcoming album MAGICMAN, performing several new songs and fan favorites, including “Blow” and “Pretty Please.”

After the show, Jackson’s strong aura was replaced by his sweet and gentlemanly charm as he constantly bowed, and his sincerity towards his fans could be felt worldwide.

He even celebrated with his dancers, giving them all high fives and basking in the afterglow of the show with them.

His kindness reaches out to everyone, including Manchester United’s head coach Erik ten Hag. During the ceremony after the game, Jackson gently removed a piece of confetti from the coach’s head. This random act of kindness caught fire in the football community, who took Jackson’s act a step further and turned it into a celebratory reaction on behalf of every Manchester United fan.

Equal parts sweet and hilarious, there’s nothing more like Jackson than him going viral for being his true self.

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