GOT7’s Jackson Wang Totally Misunderstands Fans’ Compliment

It was hot in more ways than one.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang totally misunderstood his fans.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang

Jackson is currently on his 2023 MAGIC MAN WORLD TOUR. He just performed his concert in São Paulo, Brazil.

During soundcheck, Jackson was concerned about the fans in attendance. He didn’t understand what they were saying at first, so he stopped to listen as they continued to chant and make noise.

| @pattamaporn_ff/Twitter

Jackson could hear that the fans were repeatedly saying “hot.” He was worried they were too warm and on the verge of overheating. So, he asked the staff if they could turn on the air conditioner.


Jackson Wang: What? Oh, it’s so hot? Okay. Can we turn on the AC?

Fans: No, you are!!!

Finally, Jackson heard the fans once again exclaim that it was he that was hot, not the fans. When he finally realized his misunderstanding, he couldn’t help but laugh!


Watch the clip below.

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