GOT7’s Jackson Wang Shares His Musical Firsts, Including The First Time He Created Music

Who’s excited for “MAGIC MAN?!”

In an interview with Vogue Thailand, GOT7‘s Jackson Wang spilled on his firsts, especially his first times with music. From all that he shared, it’s clear that Jackson loved music even when he was an athlete, and that love continues to grow day by day.

1. What was your first time performing on stage like?

Jackson approached this question differently than most would. For him, everywhere he went was his stage, especially his shower, so there wasn’t a clear first performance for him. Just imagining younger Jackson holding one-person concerts in the shower while singing and dancing to his heart’s delight is super endearing and proves that music has always been essential to him.

Vogue Thailand/YouTube 

Jackson’s first official stage was after he debuted, and he reflected on the nervousness of that moment. Unlike in the privacy of his bathroom, many eyes were watching him on that stage, and Jackson was so nervous that time seemed to fly by twice as fast.

2. When was the first time you delved into the music world?

Though music was always important to Jackson, he first delved into the music world when his mother bought him a MacBook laptop. Like most Apple technology, the programming contained several applications, including GarageBand. This was the first time Jackson had access to software that let him create his own music, so he started messing around with the app and fell in love. Now, Jackson is involved with all aspects of his music, from the composition and lyrics to the directing and styling.

3. What was it like listening to your first album for the first time?

MAGIC MAN will be Jackson’s second album as a soloist, but the experience of listening to it for the first time is the same as listening to any of his songs for the first time. Every piece of music Jackson creates contains his heart and soul, and he relates the emotions he feels to those of a baker. The creative process is like the prep time and initial stages of baking while piecing it together is like the time a cake spends in the oven. Finally, when  Jackson listens to the album for the first time in its completed state, he compares it to the exact moment you open up the oven and see that the cake has perfectly risen with a golden brown shine, and the warmth and scent permeate all your senses.

If Jackson is like a baker preparing his cake, Ahgases and Jackys are like the customers who see the beautiful cake on display and can’t wait to try a piece. MAGIC MAN is coming out in less than ten hours, as well as the music video for “Blue,” so be sure to check it out!