Jackson Wang Releases First Solo Song After GOT7’s Contract Ends

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Jackson Wang is no stranger to making his own music, and has made and released his own tracks during his time with GOT7. But his most recent release “Alone” has fans emotional as the music video and lyrics the story of his past, present, and future. 

| TEAMWANG/Youtube

The music video begins with Jackson in a ruined room, with a table of food for three and a fencing mask lying on the floor, symbolizing his past as an Olympic level fencer. But he left that life and his home in China to pursue a career of music in Korea, paralleled in the video as he exits the room and walks outside into a barren area with deserted buildings. 

| TEAMWANG/Youtube

The lyrics add more emotional punch to the music video, expressing how he got up every time he was knocked down, and all the burdens he had to overcome to chase his dreams. He tugs on our heartstrings with his story, singing “Although sometimes it feels a bit cold, I’m used to being alone.

| TeamWang

Jackson reminds viewers of his tough journey with a placement of his TEAM WANG banner on the back of a car. TEAM WANG is a streetwear and lifestyle clothing brand that the singer launched himself, founding, directing, and designing the label all while balancing a K-Pop idol schedule.

In the meantime, fans have created and shared dozens of theories and analyses on the many items hidden within the video, and the overall message that the song brings. 

Jackson ends the video with a heartfelt message about hope and perseverance:

No one can help us walk the road we’re taking. While we may get lost and feel lonely along the way, we cannot give up halfway through.

Especially when there is one thing that we love, it will drive us to keep going. The journey will be tumultuous because nothing in this world is easy, but our love for that one thing we’re chasing is bigger than anything else.

We get used to all of the hardship, pain, and suffering, even the resentment, that comes with it.

— Jackson Wang

Check out his meaningful and thoughtful music video and track below!

Source: Twitter and Youtube