GOT7’s Jackson Wang Parties With Drake, Swae Lee, King Bach, And More

No wonder he’s always the one throwing parties in fanfictions!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is currently in the U.S., and he’s partying!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang

Last week, Jackson left South Korea and traveled to Los Angeles, California.

Jackson Wang at Incheon International Airport.

He revealed that he is in L.A. to film his next music video!

Still, he has found time for recreational activities as well. So, he has met with others and now most recently attended a huge party with fellow all-star celebrities.

On June 5, American rapper, singer, and songwriter Swae Lee attended the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards as he was featured to perform. But the real party got started afterward…

Rae Sremmurd’s Slim Jxmmi (left) and Swae Lee (right). | @swaelee/Instagram

Though his birthday is on June 7, Swae Lee celebrated with a huge party that night, including many familiar faces.

| @swaelee/Instagram

It turns out that Jackson Wang was one of the many in attendance at Swae Lee’s birthday party! Jackson shared a video from it on Instagram Stories.

| @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram

Swae Lee and Jackson Wang are connected through the American music company 88rising. In October 2019, they featured on “Walking” alongside Joji and Major Lazer.

Jackson, always friendly, proved to be a true socialite as he mingled at Swae Lee’s party. He was even spotted next to Drake! DJ Kpreme shared a video, and you can see the back of Jackson’s head as the camera zooms on Drake.

| @ikpreme/Instagram

Kpreme also shared a photo of himself with Jackson! It appears he gave Jackson his glasses to try on.

Jackson Wang (left) and Kpreme (right). | @ikpreme/Instagram

And, you may notice another familiar face next to him… It’s none other than Canadian-American Internet personality, actor, composer, rapper, and comedian King Bach! He, too, grabbed a pic with Jackson.

King Bach (left) and Jackson Wang (right). | @kiingbach/Instagram

Hair stylist Mia shared a video of King Bach and others at karaoke, and Jackson can be seen recording too.

| @salon_mia_Instagram

Remark Holdings, Inc. CEO Kai Shing Tao also posted a video from karaoke featuring Jackson. He is such a hype man!

| @kaishingtao

Likewise, Tao shared a selfie with Jackson. It’s a low-quality photo, perhaps, but Jackson naturally enhances it as he is high quality!

Kai Shing Tao (left) and Jackson Wang (right). | @kaishingtao

It’s really no wonder Jackson always is the one to throw parties in fanfictions; he really is a social butterfly!

Source: Team Wang International