GOT7’s Jackson Wang Just Landed Two New Brand Partnerships

We’re getting lots of new content too!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has quite a reputation. He’s a busy man, always on the grind, making new music…

Jackson Wang

Whether it’s with GOT7…

From left: Yugyeom, Mark Tuan, Youngjae, Jackson Wang, BamBam, Jinyoung, and Jay B.

…as a solo artist…

…or with PANTHEPACK.

He has quite a few collabs under his belt, too, from 88rising artists to Rain to Gucci Mane and Internet Money (just to name a few).

Gucci Mane (left) and Jackson Wang (right). | 2018 Meng Xiang Qiang Yin Cultural and Broadcast (Shanghai) Company Limited

In addition to running his own label, TEAM WANG, and producing music all the time, he has been the face of quite a few brands over the years. Now, he’s landed two new brand partnerships.

TEAM WANG revealed both sponsorship deals on the same day. The first is the electronics company Beats by Dre.

Jackson Wang is now officially the Beats Global Brand Ambassador.

Meanwhile, his co-ed hip-hop project, consisting of himself, Karencici, J. Sheon, and ICE, is the Beats Music Ambassador.

Together, they are currently advertising the Beats Fit Pro, a noise-canceling earbuds.

They each get their own solo advertisement poster as well.

J. Sheon

Jackson alone is also now the face of Snickers, the chocolate bar brand, in China.

And chocolate isn’t the only thing this partnership is feeding us…

We’ve got tons of new Jackson Wang content, and we’re 100% here for it.

We see two snacks here.

We love all these new commercials and photoshoots too!

In the new commercial for Snickers, he is more than just a spokesperson. He’s also the captain of the Hunger Support Squad!

Jackson’s partnership with Snickers also means we’re getting super cool products and merch too. There’s a new Snickers box set, including lots of snacks, a beanie, and Jackson Wang postcards.

We’re definitely going to need this!

Check out Jackson’s Snickers interview below:

Source: @teamwang

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