GOT7’s Jackson Wang Plans To Release 40+ Songs This Year And New Song “LMLY” Just In Time For His Birthday

He said that he plans to release over 40 songs this year?! 😲

2021 is a busy year for GOT7‘s Jackson Wang. While he’s still releasing music with the group, he has been working with his own label TEAM WANG and releasing lots of solo music too.

In an interview with 99.7 NOW, he shared how he’s spending his time in quarantine and his plans for future music releases. He said that, since the new year began, he has been working persistently on projects to ensure the quality is perfect before release.

My quarantine routine is you know exercise and eating and I brought my recording studio gears with me so I can record and cut songs here so every day has been like that.

— Jackson Wang

Night show host Big Reid asked Jackson if he has any birthday plans since he would be turning 27 on March 28. Jackson is opting for a more socially responsible birthday celebration this year by keeping it within his everyday team, then connecting with fans online.

I don’t have any plans at the moment. I think we’re just gonna gather like our company staff, we’re gonna get together and probably have a meal and that’s about it and probably gonna stream a little, do some live streaming and appreciate all the fans and supporters, you know. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. That’s, you know, great enough.

— Jackson Wang

Jackson reminded us that there are still a lot more new releases coming out this year, including a solo album and over forty songs! There are more collaborations and singles in the works. He is releasing his new single, “Leave Me Loving You” (also known as “LMLY”) two days before his birthday. Since he has been so actively involved in the production of “LMLY,” he is excited to share it with fans.

I’m very excited and it took me a month and a half to make everything in place in terms of like, you know, the music itself, the post-production for the mixing master, recording, you know, coming up with the treatment, the script, executing the video, putting it in life, coming to life, and… then post-production for the video, getting the right tone and, you know like it would never happen if I didn’t have like right team around me…

— Jackson Wang

A teaser for the “LMLY” music video was released recently and the music video will premiere on March 26.

He said that while you can always watch him on the “big screen” with his music videos, he is hoping to eventually get into acting in the future, specifically in action films. Meanwhile, for now, he’s busy with the TEAM WANG label as he works on not just his own music but others’ as well. Jackson also shared that the company has grown from two employees, including himself, to over fifty!

You can watch the full interview below:

Source: SiobhanGenevieve and @JacksonWang852


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