GOT7’s Jackson Wang Shares His Secrets For Flawless Skin

It’s more simple than you’d think!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang was recently interviewed by MTV Asia to promote his new single, “LMLY” (also known as “Leave Me Loving You”). He also revealed some skincare secrets!

Jackson has a great reputation for his blemish-free and glowing skin that it has even landed him ambassador deals! Along with the rest of GOT7, he was a brand ambassador for The Face Shop. Jackson is also the global ambassador for L’Oréal‘s skincare line for men.

He told MTV Asia that he actually struggled with his skin, and it got so bad that he began to study skincare. As a result, he found some techniques that would help to improve his troubled skin.

I used to have very, very bad skin so I started to study, ‘How should I take care of my skin?’ and one of the tips I would say that I want to share that worked on me was I wash my face at the end of my shower. Yeah, that’s the last thing I do.

— Jackson Wang

He pointed out that the various products we use throughout in the shower, such as shampoo and conditioner, can actually irritate our skin. This is why it is important always to remember to wash your face as the last step!

| JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

This wasn’t the first time Jackson has shared skincare tips during an interview. He previously explained in iHeartRadio‘s Ask Anything Chat that he also used to get a swollen face a lot when he was younger.

After researching, he started to eat a more healthy and clean diet along with exercise to sweat toxins out. The last step for his skincare routine is to follow up a shower with a gentle face wash. He also emphasized getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of water!

You can watch Jackson’s full interview with MTV below:

Watch Jackson Wang’s “LMLY” music video below:

Source: MTV Asia, AskAnythingChat, JTBC Entertainment and @JacksonWang852