GOT7’s Jackson Wang Spills On The Biggest Difference Between Promoting Alone Vs. With His Members

Nothing tops GOT7’s chaotic sibling relationship!

GOT7 held their 2022 FANCON HOMECOMING with I GOT 7 on May 21-22, and it was rife with historic moments from beginning to end. One of those moments was when Jackson Wang revealed what the biggest difference is between promoting as a solo artist and promoting as a group with his members.

After leaving JYP Entertainment, all the members had a lot of adjusting to do as they began to focus on their solo careers. Jinyoung, for example, had to adjust from K-Pop idol life to working full-time as an actor, something that some Ahgases believe made the fancon an extra emotional moment for him.

Jackson has been promoting his solo activities through his company Team Wang for some time already, so while he did not have quite as much to adjust to as Jinyoung, there is still a considerable difference for him between solo and group promotions.

| @GOT7/Twitter

At the end of the first day of the fancon, Jackson explained what that difference is during his ending ment, saying that when he’s promoting alone it usually feels like he can’t really talk or be loud with the people in the waiting room.

Yet, when he’s with his GOT7 members, the atmosphere is completely different. In fact, after being apart from each other for so long, GOT7’s waiting room wasn’t a waiting room, it was a playground,” according to Jackson.

And given how chaotic their sibling energy is, it’s easy to believe him! GOT7’s legendary sibling relationship was on full display during the weekend, proving that they are like a true family through stories of their iconic fights…

…or even casually braiding each other’s hair, as Youngjae and BamBam did with Jay B‘s hair.

They may each be working hard in their own successful solo careers, but nothing tops their chaotic sibling antics. And whatever fun stuff goes down in the waiting room…Jackson will surely always be involved!