GOT7’s Jackson Wang Opens Up About The Struggles Of Promoting His Solo Music In South Korea

Though his solo career started years ago, it’s only recently that he’s been promoting in South Korea.

On the DAEBAK SHOW with Eric NamGOT7‘s Jackson Wang got deep and vulnerable, sharing his biggest fear and his struggles to overcome it.

For Jackson, what he fears most isn’t being hated but rather being forgotten, especially as an artist. It’s also a fear he’s had to face head-on for the past two to three years in South Korea.

DIVE Studios /다이브 스튜디오/YouTube

For three to four years, Jackson couldn’t release any of his solo stuff within South Korea, and for him, whose music journey started in that country, it was difficult not to be able to give back to the fans that helped him start his career.

Though he can now promote his solo work in Korea, it’s been so long that it’s hard for him to adjust. While it’s an opportunity he’s glad to finally have, it’s almost like he has to start from scratch all over again.

Eric could see from Jackson’s perspective why Jackson would think that way, given how at the start of Jackson’s solo career, he had been wildly popular in Korea at the same time thanks to his variety show appearances.

But since his focus these past several years have been international, for whatever reasons, he’s slipped away from the public interest. In his absence from promotions and variety shows, it’s natural that now that he’s returned, his longing to go back on those platforms runs deep.

Jackson is grateful that he can finally promote his solo music in Korea. Still, he has so much he wants to show the Korean audience that it’s frustrating not to have all the opportunities he could have had if he hadn’t been absent as a soloist from the music scene within Korea.

I just want to present what I’ve been busy with, what I’ve been working hard on. Everything I’ve prepared, my performances, my art, my story, [I want to show it to them].

— Jackson

Jackson has so much to show everyone, and while things have been slow, there’s no doubt he will soon reach the top. After all, he has the kind of talent that can’t be contained or ignored.