GOT7’s Jackson Wang Doesn’t Want To Wait Too Long To Have Kids, And The Reason Why Proves He’ll Be The Best Dad

He’s so dedicated!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang recently made an appearance on the American radio show, The Cruz Show, where he revealed that he hopes to have kids not too far in the future. And his reason for not wanting to wait too long was too wholesome!

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The host first touched on how, previously, Jackson had claimed he wanted to retire at the age of 35. When asked if that was still the plan, Jackson declared, “Definitely not.” Yet, while plans of an early retirement are no longer a sure thing, Jackson does hope to have a family sooner than expected. While he has no fixed moment in mind, he says he’d like to start a family “Around that time. Maybe before 40.”

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As for the reason why? He says it’s because he wants to spend as much as time possible with his kids. And not only that, but he wants to be able to be best friends with them!

Honestly, for me personally, I want to see my kids longer. And I want to be best friends with them. Because I don’t want to be like… I want to club with my kids, you know what I mean?

— Jackson Wang

Jackson doesn’t want to wait too long to have children because he wants to be able to have a close relationship with them, one in which he can actually share and have things in common with them. He says, “I want to have fun with them!” The host agreed, saying, “You don’t want to be old and chasing them around with no energy.” Jackson explained that that is exactly what he wants to avoid.

I don’t want [it] to be like, “Hey, Dad, can we just go drink or chill?” I’m like, “I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m on medication, I can’t.” I want to be best friends with them.

— Jackson Wang

When Jackson was once again asked when he intends to have kids, he clarified that he only knows he wants it to be before he turns 40.

He then found himself being hilariously teased after he said, “I’m 28 by the way. When was the last time I was here? I was…” And the host interrupted him by saying, “Dude, the last time I saw you you were 12, bro. It was crazy, bro.”

Jackson is still very young, but his reason for not wanting to wait too long to have kids is too wholesome. The fact that he fully intends to share with his kids and be close with them every step of the way proves he’ll be the best dad!

You can watch the full clip on the link below.