GOT7’s Jackson Wang Gives The Most Heartwarming Answer When Asked Who He Respects The Most

His answer is full of love and wisdom

In a short interview with W Korea during their photoshoot, GOT7‘s Jackson Wang shared a wide range of things, including his feelings about reuniting with his members and the inspirations of his life.

Jackson commented that despite the members all having solo activities for the past year and naturally developing distinct ways and attitudes of approaching work, the atmosphere when they worked together was exactly the same as in the past. GOT7’s reunion was similar to a reunion of his middle school or high school friends, full of nostalgia and deep bonds that will never be replaced.

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Jackson also spoke about what inspires him with a simple phrase.

He said that often when he’s home alone, he would look out the window, savoring a glass of alcohol while pondering over many things. Perhaps he reflects on his own life or the lives of those outside his window, or even about the universe as a whole. Still, one thing’s for sure: it’s in the day-to-day, in the ordinary that is not so ordinary, that he finds inspiration.

And when he was asked the question, “Who do you respect the most,” Jackson had zero hesitation in his answer.

He elaborated on how he’s realized the depth of love his parents have for him, something Jackson could only fully understand now that he’s grown up and living out his dreams.

Being a parent requires sacrifice, and Jackson recognized that his parents, like anyone, had dreams and hobbies they loved to do. Yet, after Jackson and his older brother were born, they poured everything into caring for their children.

As a child, it’s easy to think that the sacrifices parents make for their children are natural, something all parents would do. However, the decision and willingness to love your child so unconditionally and so self-sacrificially isn’t an easy or natural choice at all, and it’s something we as humans only realize when we get older.

Jackson has always been open and loud about his love and appreciation for his parents, so it’s no surprise that the people he respects most in his life are his mom and dad. The relationship he and his family has is super sweet and wholesome, and his words serve as a reminder for all of us to cherish our parents more.

Source: W Korea


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