GOT7’s Jackson And WayV’s Ten React Very Differently To A Thai Contestant’s “Flirting” Techniques

A Thai contestant was at the core of the chaos!

GOT7‘s Jackson and WayV‘s Ten had very different responses to a contestant’s pick-up lines.

GOT7’s Jackson | @jacksonwang852g7/Instagram
WayV’s Ten | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

The two idols are currently judges on the idol survival show CHUANG ASIA. One contestant who made an impact on both idols was Jasmine from Thailand. Even from her introcutions, she was throwing out the pick-up lines.

Jackson pointed out that she was currently working in a cafe.

As she started to respond, she said “Do you like coffee?” When Jackson agreed, he wasn’t expencting Jasmine to finish her response by making it a pick-up line by adding, “Because I love you a latte.”

While Jackson seemed confused to start, another judge explained what the line meant. Jasmine tried to do another one, but the first had seemingly been enough for Jackson.

Yet, while Jackson almost seemed flustered by the pick-up lines from the contestant, WAYV’s Ten had a completely different reaction as he showcased his own skills.

When Jasmine shared another line, saying, “My WiFi is 4G but my heart is for you”…

Everyone in the audience couldn’t get over the line, with Jackson and Ten just confirming the meaning behind it, which was extremely smart and witty.

But Ten had one up his own sleeve and started with, “Do you know how many ‘YOUs’ are in front of ‘ME.’

While Jasmine initially seemed confused, Ten finished on the best note as he explained, “It’s only ‘YOU’.”

Jasmine and the crowds couldn’t get enough, and Jackson hilariously threw a cushion to showcase his own reaction. It was definitely smooth and a very different reaction to Jackson’s response to Jasmine.

The difference in Jackson and Ten’s reaction was truly iconic, showcasing their different personalities.