GOT7’s Jay B And BamBam Earn Praise As They Attend Jinyoung’s Solo “Rendezvous” Fancon

They showcased their true personalities!

GOT7‘s Jinyoung held his first fancon, Rendezvous, in Seoul on the weekend of January 28, and he had some very special guests in the audience.

GOT7’s Jinyoung

The fancon proved to be a huge success, with Jinyoung receiving praise for his infectious positive energy.

But perhaps more importantly, he thoroughly entertained his audience by proving he’s a natural comedian.

To fans’ delight, Jinyoung had two special guests to joke around with. On day 1 of the concert, GOT7’s leader Jay B popped up among the audience, taking Ahgases completely by surprise.

Jinyoung’s reaction to his appearance had everyone feeling nostalgic for JJP (also known as JJ Project).

Fans couldn’t help but praise Jay B for his commitment to his group, seeing as he had just finished his own round of concerts the day before. He didn’t even wait a day to go see Jinyoung’s fancon!

But of course, Jinyoung had to have his fun teasing him…

…even doing the best impersonation of him.

Ultimately, Jay B proved to be Jinyoung’s forever number one hype man, and Ahgases loved to see it.

BamBam attended the event on day 2, also surprising fans and leading to some hilarious interactions with Jinyoung.

BamBam was praised for his treatment of fans at the venue…

…and just like Jay B, had Ahgases feeling touched with his show of support for Jinyoung.

After all, this was a big moment for Jinyoung!

It’s heartwarming to see that the GOT7 members are all always there for each other in every way they can. Despite not being able to work together the way they used to, they have proven time and time again that they are a true family!


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