GOT7’s Jay B Reveals Why He Paints His Nails… And It May Not Be What You Expect

His style inspiration is unique, that’s for sure!

In an interview with Allure, GOT7‘s Jay B revealed all the fashion trends he’s currently into and the ones he’d like to try!

| Allure

Some time ago, Jay B posted a picture to his Instagram story sporting black nails, making fans go crazy: they love the look on him!

Jay B’s Instagram story post. |


During the Allure interview, he was asked about why he chose to paint his nails black. Since it’s a trend lately, one would expect that that would be the reason he did it, but it wasn’t: he did it because he likes the anime Naruto!

There was one character in particular that he cited as his inspiration: Itachi Uchiha.

I like Itachi, so I wanted to try to paint my nails. I just copied him.

–Jay B



Itachi. | Pierrot

Itachi is known for his “dark” look, with his nails painted black, dark hair and red eyes. If you take a look at Jay B’s story post, the inspiration is glaringly obvious! He got the look down, all the way to the colored contact lenses.

Maybe we’ll get to see him in an Itachi cosplay soon!

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Source: Allure