GOT7’s Jay B Is Inclusive Even While Telling Dad Jokes

Daddy? Sorry… Daddy?

GOT7‘s Jay B is more than just the group’s leader…

GOT7’s Jay B | @GOT7/Twitter

He’s also their “dad!”

And with the title of “dad” comes not only responsibilities but jokes…

… a particular genre of jokes.

No matter the occasion, whether it’s a group live broadcast, a member’s birthday, etc., Jay B is sure to deliver a “dad joke!”

Jay B loves puns, but the members are not always fans of his punny humor.

Of course, Ahgases (fans of GOT7) are supportive. Yet, puns are often lost in translation for international fans. Still, many appreciate the concept.

So, in a recent Instagram post, Jay B proved not only to be a master of dad jokes but inclusive to international Ahgases.

Jay B’s most recent Instagram post referenced his recent haircut. After rocking long locks for a while, he received a buzzcut like Jinyoung. So, he captioned the photos in both Korean and English, “Chopped it all off, couldn’t curl less.” Instead of using the word “care,” he used “curl,” as in a hair type.

Whether you know Korean or English, you can understand and appreciate Jay B’s dad-like humor!