GOT7’s Jay B And Jinyoung Surprise BamBam At His Showcase

Our Ahgase hearts!

GOT7‘s Jay B and Jinyoung showed their support for BamBam.

From left: Jay B, Jinyoung, and BamBam

BamBam just made his solo comeback with his 1st full album SOUR & SWEET. He also held a media showcase, and some unexpected guests made an appearance…


During the showcase, BamBam gave a shout-out to his members. He revealed how they teased him when he played the new music for them.

Yet, that’s not all, though. Two members were in attendance too!

BamBam was shocked to discover both Jay B and Jinyoung in the audience. They cutely posed as the cameras went on them.

BamBam was so happy to see them. He also gave special messages to Jinyoung and Jay B individually, that were just like him. He appreciated Jinyoung coming despite his busy schedule, so he promised to watch his K-Dramas and films in their entirety now rather than just clips! This caused Jinyoung to get up and leave at first jokingly, but he stayed.

Jinyoung hyung, you are busy these days and thank you for coming in such short notice. I only watch your movies and dramas in short clips, butΒ I will really watch the whole thing this time. Thank you for coming. I thought he wouldn’t.

β€” BamBam

Likewise, Jay B is currently fulfilling his mandatory military duty, but he came to support BamBam anyway. BamBam revealed that Jay B contacts him frequently, being the supportive leader as always.

Jay B, you are living diligently these days and contacts me a lot. He is busy these days but he always monitors us and the first member to text me when my highlight medley came out. Thank you really.

β€” BamBam

Jay B doesn’t miss his members’ events for anything! You can always count on him, which is one of the many traits that make him one of the best leaders ever.

But of course, because it’s BamBam’s showcase, he can’t do anything without giving a little spoiler. So, once his hyungs left, he shared that we can expect a GOT7 comeback…

We will wait patiently for the Korean members to fulfill their military enlistment until then.