GOT7’s Jay B Revisits JYP Entertainment With A Selfie That’s Equally Sexy And Funny

He shared a half-naked pic!

GOT7‘s Jay B posted a couple of throwback pics, and it’s surprisingly hilarious and sexy.

GOT7’s Jay B

Over the weekend, Jay B updated fans on social media. He shared some new photos of himself as well as some old ones.

While all of his feed photos are new…

His latest Instagram Stories update was a throwback to the old JYP Entertainment dance room.

Old GOT7 dance practice.

He shared photos from around 2015. So, he’s just now sharing them seven years later.


Long time ago…was I being too stiff..

— Jay B

The pictures are also not just typical mirror selfies. Rather than using a cellphone, he has a full-on digital camera.


You know what isn’t fully on, though? His pants. So, his caption was a reference to his “fit” or lack thereof.

My body…was nice…?

— Jay B


No Ahgases expected to open up Instagram and see a half-naked Jay B from seven years ago. Yet, here we are.

Now, we wait for BamBam to get a hold of these pictures and create edits that Jay B will never be able to live down.