GOT7’s Jay B Explains The Main Difference Between His Names Def. And Jay B

He’s a man of many talents and many names.

GOT7‘s Jay B is a man of many talents, and he has many names to go along with each one. He is formerly known as JB and his real name is Lim Jaebeom.

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In addition to being the leader of GOT7, he is a solo artist under H1GHR MUSIC and creates music as Defsoul or Def. He is also part of sub-units JJ Project with Jinyoung and Jus2 with Yugyeom and part of R&B soul crew Offshore. When you look at this man’s Instagram bio or Wikipedia page, it is filled!

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On episode 128 of DIVE Studios Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam, host Eric Nam noticed that Jay B has worked on a lot and will often release his projects under different names. So, he asked him if there was a specific difference between what kind of music he produces under the names of Jay B and Def.

You’ve been working on music with a lot of different names. I’m curious if each side of you has a different style or if you’re trying to make different music when you use a different name.

— Eric Nam

Eric Nam definitely had the right idea. Jay B explained that as “Jay B,” he tends to release mainstream music, particularly songs that he thinks his audience will enjoy.

I think it’s kind of like this… So, when I release songs as JAY B, it’s more like… mainstream. And I consider what the crowd will like and what people in the hip hop R&B scene will like. I’ll think about those things.

— Jay B

Def. is the complete opposite. He doesn’t concern himself about impressing anyone when he makes this music. Instead, he makes the music solely to express himself.

But when I release songs as Def., it’s really non-mainstream. It’s really what I want to do. I don’t really consider if people will listen to it. I think that’s the difference.

— Jay B

Eric Nam understood what he meant and described it as being oneself and having an alter-ego. Jay B agreed, “Yes, that feeling! That’s how it feels.” 

While he used to feel that he had to create a separation for himself depending on what type of music he was to produce, he said he now feels more freedom of expression. In the past, he felt restricted to boundaries. Now, at H1GHR MUSIC, he feels there is none.

Ever since I came to H1GHR MUSIC, those boundaries are gone now. I can do this, I can do that. They’re both who I am anyways. …There is no boundary right now.

— Jay B

Having been a part of so many groups, sub-units, projects, etc., Jay B is ready to unite all parts of himself.

Watch a clip from the episode below:

Source: DIVE Studios Highlights