GOT7’s Jay B Reveals How Nervous And Worried He Was To Release “Switch It Up”

He had a lot going on in his mind.

In an interview with Mediacorp 987, GOT7‘s Jay B revealed how nervous and worried he was to release his first song as a solo artist.

Jay B | H1GHER MUSIC/YouTube

He shared his nervousness didn’t come from the song, as he admits that he quite liked it, but rather from the timeline between from leaving JYP Entertainment, signing with H1GHER MUSIC, and then putting out his first song.

And since this was his first official song as a solo artist, he felt even more pressure to make it perfect. He was worried that the song would be too bold, as it has a different vibe from the music he did with GOT7.

He shared that he actually still feels nervous and cautious to this day, as he feels a responsibility to do well not only as a solo artist, but as a member of GOT7.

He doesn’t want his efforts to reflect badly on the other members, and instead wants to ensure that he is a point of inspiration. No matter what the future holds for him, he’s always thinking about his fellow GOT7 members!

Source: Feature Image and Mediacorp 987


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