GOT7’s Jay B Opens Up And Talks Personal Goals And Most Meaningful Album In New Documentary Short Film

Jay B is hard at work to show a more genuine side of himself to fans.

H1GHR MUSIC just released part 1 of a documentary short film welcoming GOT7‘s Jay B as one of their new artists, and Jay B is ready to reveal new sides of himself in this new chapter.


The documentary is authentic and genuine, showing Jay B signing the official contract to join H1GHR MUSIC, and his determination to do well as a solo artist.

While at a photoshoot he had later that day, Jay B gets personal as he was asked “Through which song do you think you stepped up your game?” Jay B reveals that he likes to think of an album’s whole storyline as opposed to a single song.

At some point, I realized the importance of the whole storyline, or the meaning of an album.

—Jay B

That being said, Jay B had a few albums in mind.

But the album with the most meaningful messages was JUS2‘s Focus, because it was “very distinctive of its color.”

JUS2 | @GOT7Official/Twitter

Jay B also expressed his person goal moving forward as making use of his freedom, and being no longer bound by restrictions. He compared it to being like water, which can change its form according to what it is poured into.

And if the footage of him frequently giving his opinions and thoughts during a photoshoot and filming is an indication of anything, it’s that he is now taking charge of his freedom and career. We can’t wait for Jay B’s new chapter to unfold! Watch part 1 of the documentary short film below:

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