GOT7’s Jay B Proves He’s The Kindest Person With Huge Donation To Children’s Foundation, But He’s Giving Fans All The Credit

He’s a true role model.

GOT7‘s Jay B has proven himself to be a truly generous person, as it has been revealed that he has collectively donated over ₩100 million KRW ($84,700 USD) to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation since he first started working with them in 2018.

Jay B reportedly donated proceeds from performances and merchandise, including his own merchandise. The Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation will be using the donations to support children who suffer from abuse due to COVID-19, as well as families in crisis. With his donations to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, Jay B is now a part of the Green Noble Club, which also includes other notable benefactors such as BTS‘s J-Hope.

The chairman of the foundation, Lee Je Hoon, commented:

Celebrity donations have a more positive impact on society… I would like to express my deep gratitude to Jay B in particular who has a deep relationship with the foundation and has showed his love for children through his actions.

— Lee Je Hoon, Chairman of the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation

Jay B, however, claims that it is not only he who is donating, but the fans as well, as they are donating through him.

I was able to make a big donation from all the love of our fans… It’s all the more meaningful because I’m not donating alone, but making a donation with the fans.

— Jay B

He reiterated the sentiment on his Instagram story, saying, “We did it together, so I hope you will be proud of yourselves.”


This shows just how selfless Jay B is, as he acknowledges the part that fans have played in him being able to make such a donation to a good cause.Yet, fans have even more to be proud of in Jay B because he has also been a supporter of mental health awareness and environmental awareness, with his album even being made out of recycled material.

Jay B is truly someone to look up to, so fans can definitely feel proud to support someone like him!

Source: Naver