GOT7’s Jay B Gets Emotional At His Solo Concert, But BamBam’s Reaction Is Proof Of Their Tom-And-Jerry Relationship

Just another day in the GOT7 household.

Got7‘s Jay B just held his first solo concert, NOSTALGIC, commemorating his ten years as an idol, and with so many memories to reflect on, there was no way for him to suppress his emotions. While performing his new song, “Rocking Chair,” Jay B couldn’t help but break down in tears.

Ahgases worldwide didn’t hesitate to comfort him, thanking him for all he’s done and praising him for all his hard work. BamBam also took to Twitter to show his support for his leader, and while his caption is comforting, fans know that he’s also poking fun at Jay B’s crying face.

Baby don’t cry. Ahgases and members say that their hearts hurt.

— BamBam

Their Tom-and-Jerry relationship never fails to make Ahgases laugh. Before the tweet was sent, some fans in the crowd caught Youngjae filming “Rocking Chair” after finishing his MC duties and predicted that GOT7 would soon be teasing Jay B about crying in the group chat. They couldn’t have been more spot on.

Youngjae even cutely apologized to Jay B underneath BamBam’s tweet, confirming that BamBam indeed obtained the picture thanks to Youngjae.

Jaebeom-hyung, sorry..

— Youngjae

Jay B took to Instagram for a short Instagram live after the concert finished, and after seeing BamBam’s tweet, Jay B halfheartedly thanked BamBam before breaking into a wide smile. Jay B definitely holds no hard feelings, and thus Ahgases are witness to yet another sweetly chaotic GOT7 interaction.