GOT7’s Jay B, Infinite’s Sungkyu, And More Join New Survival Show “THE ORIGIN – A, B, Or What?” As Mentors

They’re taking their leadership skills to a new boy group!

GOT7‘s leader Jay B and Infinite‘s Sungkyu (also known as Kim Sung Kyu) are taking their leadership skills to another level and helping a new boy group!

Jay B

Both leaders have been confirmed as mentors for the upcoming survival show THE ORIGIN – A, B, Or What?.

Jay B

The show is jointly produced by Sony Music Solution and Kakao Entertainment.

It focuses on 13 male contestants, born in 2002-2005: Junho, Minseo, Junseok, Junmin, Jinwook, Hyunjun, Daehyun, Donghwa, Rakwon, Seunghwan, Yeonkyu, Bin, and Jaehoon. THE ORIGIN – A, B, Or What? will produce a new boy group under IST Entertainment.

The show hasn’t even premiered yet, and we’re already fans. Recently, the contestants were featured in a new signal song titled “RUN.”

We’re fans of all of the mentors, too, of course! They include GOT7’s leader Jay B, Infinite’s leader Sungkyu, former 2NE1 member Minzy, dancer and choreographers Kwak Yoon Young, and Hwang Gyu Hong.

Kwak Yoon Young (left) and Hwang Gyu Hong (right).
Jay B

In a new preview released by 1theK (원더케이), the mentors talked about what we can expect. According to Sungkyu, THE ORIGIN – A, B, Or What? is the “first audition program conducted in a balance game.”

I’m trying to be very objective as much as I can.

— Jay B

THE ORIGIN – A, B, Or What? premieres January 26. Watch the new teaser trailer below:

Source: 1theK (원더케이)