GOT7’s Jay B Hopes To Encourage Listeners Through Sharing His Thoughts And Stories In His Mindset Collection

Jay B’s brave vulnerability reminds fans that he’s human, just like them.

GOT7′s Jay B released the first three episodes of his Mindset collection today, joining over twenty other artists in sharing their stories with listeners in hopes of encouraging listeners and reminding them that they’re not alone.

Mindset is a platform dedicated to delivering exclusive and personal stories and life lessons from celebrities and was launched by DIVE Studios, founded by solo artist Eric Nam and his brothers Eddie and Brian Nam. The point of Mindset is to create a space where fans can get to know their favorite artists more deeply, to empathize with them as humans going through similar joys and struggles, and to stir up open-minded and positive discussion about topics like mental health. Besides the words from the artists, Mindset often posts encouragements frequently on their social media.

Other artists that have released audio collections on Mindset include SeoriJae Park (also known as Eaj), TabloBM, and Eric Nam himself. Minnie from (G)-Idle was the first artist to have a video collection, and Jay B will be the second. DPR is also joining the platform, and will be the first group to have a Mindset collection.

For all the collections, the trailer, intro, and episode 1 are free for public viewing. However, in order to listen to the rest of the episodes in an artist’s collection, a paid subscription is needed to unlock the content. The price is $1 a month and the app is available through both the Apple Store and Google Play. If you’re facing financial difficulties, they have a scholarship program to apply for membership with.

In respect towards Jay B and other artists sharing their personal stories, please keep in mind not to spread images, audio, or video of the exclusively paid content. However, mindful and meaningful discussion about mental health and other struggles artists may have shared is okay, as the point of Mindset is to bring awareness and encourage de-stigmatization.

In Jay B’s introduction video, he shared about his mindset and his attitude towards life, as well as briefing listeners about what the rest of the collection would be on. He talked of how he wanted to live like bamboo, being flexible when dealing with whatever blew his way while maintaining a sturdy center.

A bamboo tree stands tall and straight, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t sway in the wind. …I let my life flow naturally in a firm and constant way.

— Jay B


Jay B has always been in love with nature, sharing in an interview with Teen Vogue why he filmed the live video of his song “Switch It Up” in a forest.

 When I’m in nature with the mountains, it really gives me serenity and calming emotions, and it’s a moment where I can recharge and really gather my thoughts again. It gives me a nice boost to really work hard when I come back to reality.

— Jay B | Teen Vogue


He also shared about his approach to life and the challenges that he might come across.

I may encounter some obstacles in my life, but I try to accept the situation flexibly and try to overcome it rather than facing them recklessly.

— Jay B | Mindset

Though it was only an introduction, Jay B is already reassuring fans with his words and touching their hearts with his willingness to be vulnerable. Within his music, Jay B has been opening up about his mental health journey, and with this collection, Jay B hopes that listeners will find his story helpful in supporting them in their own struggles.

I want you to know that I’m human, just like you. I don’t want you to be hopelessly anxious, scared, or depressed. Through my Mindset, I’m going to share with you stories that I’ve never shared before. I hope that this is a big help to all of you.

— Jay B

It’s always scary to be vulnerable, and Brian Nam commented on his admiration towards Jay B for his vulnerability despite being in such a public spotlight.

With the effort and care of both Mindset and Jay B, as well as many other artists, safe spaces and communities are being built to talk about mental health. The world is changing slowly but surely, and it is the hope of many that one day, everyone will know that they are seen, heard, loved, worthy, and not alone.

Source: Teen Vogue