GOT7 Jay B’s Mother Prepared Kimbap For Fans, Proving That Jay B’s Kind Nature Comes From His Parents

Jay B’s parents are the sweetest.

GOT7‘s Jay B (also known as Jaebeom)ย guested on fellow member Youngjae‘s “Best Friend Radio Show” recently, and as with any GOT7 interaction, they were chaotic yet adorable.

At every radio show episode, Ahgases wait patiently outside, cheering the members on and getting to participate in mini fanmeets here and there, exchanging kind words and lots of letters. Knowing this, and especially since the radio shows happen late at night, Jaebeom’s parents have practically become Ahgase’s parents, making sure fans are well fed and taken care of as they support GOT7.

Most recently, Jaebeom’s mom prepared kimbap for Ahgases waiting for Jaebeom and Youngjae outside, and her sweet actions reveal that Jaebeom’s kind nature is inherited from his parents.

She didn’t forget to send yogurt to the boys and their staff.

| @mbcbf_ever/Instagram

And when Jay B briefly went outside to interact with Ahgases, he shared a warm hug with his mom before seeing her off.

Ahgases know that Jaebeom’s parents have never held back their love and support for Jaebeom and everyone around him. They do their best to attend all of his events, easily taking the title of most supportive parents ever.

They’re also incredibly generous to those around Jay B, often gifting yogurt to the team that works with Jay B (his parents own Cafe Yogurbara, so they often send food as support).

Of course, Ahgases are GOT7’s biggest supporters, and to show their thankfulness to Ahgases, Jay B’s parents prepared 777 rice cakes during theirย HOMECOMING fancon in May.

Jaebeom’s sweet and humble personality is reflected in the actions of his parents, who return all the love given to their child with sincere gratitude. Their characters are a testament to who Jay B is and why he’s so loved, and nothing melts Ahgases’ hearts more than knowing that every member in GOT7 shares an extremely close and loving relationship with their parents.