GOT7’s Jay B Reveals What He’s Saved The Other Members As On His Phone, And Accidentally Exposes Himself

GOT7’s group chat must be wild.

In a recent interview with GQ KoreaGOT7‘s Jay B shared how he saved the rest of GOT7’s numbers on his phone, and some of the contact names are the same as the ones he gave them years ago.

| GQ KOREA/YouTube             

BamBam was saved as “GOT7’s Madman,” and it makes sense, considering BamBam’s constant hyperactive personality around the rest of GOT7, especially around Jay B.

Youngjae was saved as “My Love Youngjae,” and Jay B emphasized that there was an orange heart following the name. Youngjae is everyone’s precious sunshine, and he’s been Jay B’s happy pill for a long time. If the title of “My Love” wasn’t enough to define their adorable friendship, the orange heart, known to represent warmth, sunshine, and a fluttering heart, cements it.

Jinyoung was saved as “GOT7’s Real Leader.” While he really is the leader of his subunit with Jay B, JJ Project, the reason why he’s nicknamed “GOT7’s Real Leader” is because while Jay B is the kind to join in on GOT7’s antics with zero hesitation, Jinyoung is more often the voice of reason. Also, Jay B tends to listen to everything Jinyoung says (just 10+ years of friendship things).

Yugyeom was saved as “GOT7’s Reading King,” referring to the time the rest of GOT7 clowned Yugyeom for reading a book on a plane (reading is something GOT7 would never associate their maknae with). It seems this is an inside joke GOT7 will never let go of.

Jackson was saved as “GOT7’s Jackseunie.” Seunie is Jay B’s favorite nickname for Jackson, and it’s proof of the bottomless affection he has for Jackson.

Mark was simply saved as “GOT7’s Mark.” While Mark does have the nickname “Ppakku,” Jay B doesn’t really prefer calling Mark by that name, so he uses Mark’s real name. While Jay B and Mark are never loud about their friendship, they support each other through thick and thin, even in the smallest ways.

Jay B’s saved names for the rest of GOT7 are proof of their deep friendship, but when he showed the camera the proof of how he saved GOT7 on his phone, he accidentally exposed himself, having muted their group chat together.

Ahgases zoomed in to look at the little icons clearer, and while Jay B might have muted the group chat, he also has it pinned and favorited. The only reason why he has it muted is that the last message was at 4:21 AM, and considering how GOT7 is definitely the friend group that spams memes of each other in the group chat, it wouldn’t be a reach to infer that he muted the chat for the sake of getting a good night’s sleep.

GOT7’s friendship is precious, and they never fail to make Ahgases laugh with their relatable chaos.