GOT7’s JB Clarifies That GOT7 Did Not Disband After Fans Worry The Group Will Stop Promoting

IGOT7s can finally rest at ease.

GOT7‘s JB (also known as Jaebeom) officially confirms during his hour-long Instagram live that GOT7 has not disbanded.

| @GOT7Official/Twitter

A fan had asked when JJP (also known as JJ Project) will be coming back. The artist replied “Won’t we come back once it’s all ready? Everyone, there is nothing that is impossible.

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JB then shares that he will be promoting as JUS2 and GOT7 as well, stating “I am saying this officially, GOT7 didn’t disband.

His reassurance arrives at a good time, as news of GOT7’s contract ending, Mark returning to America, and other individual member’s future plans all occurred in a short amount of time, leaving many IGOT7s sorrowful and worried.

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In addition to his reassurance that GOT7 wasn’t going anywhere, JB shared a heartwarming story with fans of a discussion he and the members had, stating that if they were ever to make a company, they would name it IGOT7.

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For now, the artist shares that he is acting as a freelancer, and is open to collaborations with other artists.