This Male Idol Is Changing Minds About Fancy Earrings On Men

He rocks the style so well, it’s no surprise!

GOT7‘s JB is well known for his stylish choice of earrings to match his outfits on and off stage. Some of his accessories are actually on the longer and danglier side, yet he pulls them off so well!


JB’s earrings are often eye-catching because they dangle by his face when he moves. While this could be distracting for some, it actually isn’t a problem for JB. The dangling accessories only accentuate his handsomeness even more!


Fans believe that because JB has such a clean cut and masculine facial structure and features, the earrings actually don’t seem too extreme. In fact, such accessories only enhance JB’s overall look even more, bringing all the attention to his face.


Even the fans who weren’t too fond of the idea of men wearing longer, fancier earrings are actually changing their minds about it, because JB is proving how it can be done with so much style and grace!


Since debuting with GOT7, JB has boasted a large selection of fancy earrings – and fans love seeing how flawlessly he pulls off every single one of them! And JB’s bold fashion statement is helping such beautiful earrings to trend among men…


… as many are starting to see fancy earrings on men as sexy and confident!