GOT7’s JB Opens Up About How His Parents’ Divorce Affected His Life

JB revealed how much it impacted his life.

During Hello Counselor, a young girl brought up concerns about her parents constantly fighting because her dad continued to put alcohol above his family. With the parents fighting every day, the girl feared that her parents will ultimately divorce.


After hearing the trauma that the girl was going through, GOT7‘s JB also opened up that his parents divorced because they faced the same problem.

“Our family was like that too. My parents ultimately divorced, so I currently live with my mom and my step-dad.”

— JB


JB’s parents fought so much that he often got cautious and scared in the comfort of his home while growing up.

“Whenever they would fight, I would become cautious and get startled by the smallest sounds. I became scared.”

— JB


He asked the father to really reflect on his actions as the constant fighting and the decision to divorce had a great impact on his life, and he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to the young girl.

“[Actions like that] have a huge impact on a child while they’re growing up.”

— JB


Looking at JB, no one would have suspected that he grew up in such an environment. Thankfully, he was able to overcome the negativity to become someone who can console others in similar situations.

Source: Sports Seoul