GOT7’s JB Shared Something On US Television, Fans Scream TMI

In true JB style, he shocked fans on US television by revealing this.

GOT7 appeared on FOX5’s Good Day New York after Twitter fans campaigned to have them on the show – and JB shared a secret that had IGOT7’s screaming!


When host Rosanna Scotto asked the members to divulge a secret about themselves that fans don’t know, the members came up with various foods they like, or hobbies – but JB revealed something that BamBam called “so random“.


At first he wasn’t sure what to say, thinking for a moment before suddenly realizing what he wanted to reveal.

…and while he was deep in thought, Jinyoung called out “when you sleep, you take everything off!”


But Jaebum overrode him by explaining that he had lost a tooth, so was going to get an implant – and showed the camera.

“Right now, I’m waiting to get an implant because I lost a tooth.” — JB


The GOT7 members laughed and BamBam couldn’t help saying how random it was, but JB insisted “no-one knows about it! Seriously!”


And fans are echoing the members’ sentiment, saying TMI!


Check out the whole interview here: