Baek A Yeon And GOT7’s Jinyoung Revealed The Most Difficult Part Of Voice Acting

They revealed their biggest challenges while filming their new animated movie:

Every type of acting comes with its own set of difficulties as the actor or actress steps into the role and brings it to life. One type of acting that brings some very unique challenges is voice acting as GOT7‘s Jinyoung and Baek A Yeon revealed while talking about their new film “Princess Aya”.


The animated film “Princess Aya” is part of the panorama section at the 24th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) and as such, director Lee Sung Kang as well as Baek A Yeon who voices Princess Aya, and Jinyoung who voices Prince Bari, attended the festival on October 5 and participated in an event where they got to talk with the audience and introduce the film to everyone.


During this event, Baek A Yeon revealed all the unique challenges they came up against while taking on the role. She revealed that since she had no experience with acting, she had originally thought that she would need to focus on her voice, but she later learned that was only part of it!

Since I have no experience in acting, I originally thought I should focus only on my voice. But, it wasn’t quite like that! To portray Aya’s emotions, I had to act in a much more dramatic way than I usually do. To the point that I was making faces! It made me realize that nothing is really easy to do.

— Baek A Yeon


Although Baek A Yeon found some new challenges with the role, she shared she absolutely loved how the movie turned out and revealed how much she enjoyed transforming into Aya.

The film came out absolutely amazing. I won’t forget this opportunity and will continue to treasure it. I’ve always wanted to be a bird since I was young. I had always wanted to feel the freedom of flying myself rather than on an airplane. So I really enjoyed being Aya and flying like a bird.

— Baek A Yeon

Baek A Yeon wasn’t the only one facing some new challenges with the voice acting role, however. Diving into the world of voice acting for the first time, Jinyoung revealed that he had some serious concerns about delivering all the emotions simply through his voice.

Since I could only use my voice to express the lines, I thought a lot about what I could do to convey emotions only through sound. I think that was the most difficult part.

— Jinyoung


He expressed just how challenging conveying all those emotions through voice alone was while sharing how much he respects every voice actor.

I loved to watching cartoons when I was younger, but after trying out voice acting I realized that being a voice actor is really incredible. Evoking emotions and conveying the lines with just your voice isn’t something that is easily done. The project made me feel a lot of respect for voice actors. I’d like to try again, but I still feel like I’m lacking. I also hope there will be more opportunities for voice actors to show their skills and receive lots of love.

— Jinyoung


Jinyoung also revealed how the music in the movie also added to the certain something special. He also thanked the production team for all their hard work in creating the movie.

Creating an animated film takes a lot of work so I would just like to give a round of applause to those who make them! I think the main points of our movie are the music and musical elements. The lyrics compliment the storyline and the characters. I hope everyone will feel the emotions that are expressed not just as lines, but as songs too.
Doesn’t music make a lot of things last in your memory? I think it’s like a perfume that reminds you of a certain time or event. It will help you understand the film a little better.

— Jinyoung


Meanwhile, the new film features the story of Princess Aya (voiced by Baek A Yeon) who is born with a curse that causes her to transform into animals. When her kingdom comes under attack, Princess Aya must use her curse to save her kingdom and her betrothed Prince Bari (voiced by Jinyoung). The film is expected to release later this year. Check out the trailer below:

Source: MyDaily