GOT7 Jinyoung’s Predebut Past As “Everyone’s First Love” Is Hilariously Exposed

His PD had all the tea!

In a behind-the-scenes look at Kim Go Eun and GOT7 Jinyoung‘s ELLE pictorial, the question of Jinyoung’s popularity in school was brought up, bringing to light his past as everyone’s ‘first love.’

In the past, Jinyoung had received a similar question while on a live stream with Jay B. At the time, their PD pointed out that many felt like Jinyoung has a strong ‘first love image,’ so she asked him for the truth behind how popular he really was in school. Jinyoung did not hesitate to deny he was popular.

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Yet, Jay B‘s reaction suggested differently as he couldn’t help laughing when he heard Jinyoung’s denial. He countered with “I mean, I guess you were popular.”

But Jinyoung was stubborn and stuck to his story. He explained that, while many celebrities were so popular that they had girls waiting for them outside of school, that never actually happened to him.

Years later, it seems like Jay B was right after all, as once again a PD brought up Jinyoung’s ‘first love image.’ Except this time, the PD had receipts. In the log for Jinyoung’s ELLE pictorial with his Yumi’s Cells costar Kim Go Eun, the PD related that a friend of hers had recently told her about her first love in middle school.

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She proceeded to surprise Jinyoung with the name of her friend’s school, which he instantly seemed to recognize, and mentioned that he had been class president there.

Not only that, but it appeared that the PD’s friend also went to the same study academy as him.

Because of this, she was able to confirm that Jinyoung was, in fact, everyone’s first love…despite his previous denial in the past.

And yet, that wasn’t all. The PD’s friend had even more of Jinyoung’s dark past to expose, claiming that Jinyoung had once stolen her hamburger (which he then hilariously apologized for).

Fans have been enjoying this new tidbit about Jinyoung, not least because it proves that he has always been admired not only for his looks but also for his personality.

It may not exactly be surprising that Jinyoung was so popular in school that he was ‘everyone’s first love’ (particularly considering all the evidence there is)…

…but at least now the truth is definitely out there!

You can watch the full clip from the behind-the-scenes log on the link below.

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