GOT7’s Jinyoung Rumored To Be Leaving JYP Entertainment, Agency Responds

What will become of his GOT7 career?

GOT7‘s Jinyoung has been rumored to be leaving JYP Entertainment in favor of an acting agency, and JYP Entertainment has responded to those rumors.

According to an exclusive report from TV Daily, GOT7’s Jinyoung has been in contact with BH Entertainment, a famous actors’ agency home to the likes of Lee Byung Hun, Kim Go Eun, Park Bo Young, Jin Goo, and many more. The two sides had reportedly met several times to discuss the potential of an exclusive contract.

A former manager from JYP Entertainment contacted Jinyoung as well to try and scout him, but it seems there is a higher chance of Jinyoung heading to BH Entertainment.

— Insider

Jinyoung’s contract with JYP Entertainment will expire in January 2021. While various discussions have been held between JYP Entertainment, Jinyoung, and other companies, nothing has been decided yet, but Jinyoung’s side is considering activities in a new environment.

However, when asked about the meetings, BH Entertainment were careful with their response.

We haven’t heard about anything related to an exclusive contract.

— BH Entertainment

On the other hand, JYP Entertainment confirmed they are also trying to re-sign Jinyoung.

It’s true that GOT7’s exclusive contract will expire in January 2021. We are discussing various future plans with the members.

— JYP Entertainment

While nothing has been decided, many fans are worried whether they will be able to see Jinyoung continue to promote with GOT7, similar to 2PM Taecyeon’s situation, where he is signed with a different agency but still allowed to promote with 2PM.

Source: TV Daily and Sports Chosun