GOT7’s Jinyoung Has Been Working On Solo Music — Here Is Why He Kept It A Secret, According To Jinyoung

The reason actually makes his music even more exciting!

The members of GOT7 have each been pursuing their own solo careers in the year since they left JYP Entertainment. While most of the members have continued to pursue music, Jinyoung has been making strides as an actor. Except, now he has revealed that he has also been working hard on his music!

In a recent interview with W Korea, Jinyoung opened up about what acting means for him and his motivation for pursuing it. According to Jinyoung, he only really started taking acting seriously in the last few years.

…when the ‘cut’ sound is heard, there are times when I feel like I just fell into that moment without any thought until a while ago, and I think I’m acting because of that one feeling.

— Jinyoung

But while acting has been very important to him lately, Jinyoung feels proud that he has actually managed to stay true to both acting and to his roots as a K-Pop idol, saying One thing I can be proud of over the past time is that I have been faithful to both GOT7 and acting.

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In fact, the way Jinyoung has stayed true to GOT7 is by continuing to pursue music in his spare time—something that he has not really let on about until now. The reason why? Because he wants to only show fans the best! (Which, of course, only makes the release of his music even more exciting).

Actually, I’ve been working on personal music in my spare time. But I didn’t want to announce it right away. I want to refine it better and put out something really good.

— Jinyoung

Yet, despite enjoying working on his own projects, Jinyoung also claims he found himself feeling a little overwhelmed throughout the past year, seeing as he was working alone for the first time since he and the members left JYP Entertainment. There is a lot of pressure on him now as an artist.

Last year, the loneliness and anxiety were enormous as [the members and I] dispersed to different companies. I’ve been a singer and actor in parallel before, but I’ve never been completely alone. It was only at the beginning of this year that I found stability.

— Jinyoung

Jinyoung in Netflix’s Yaksha: Ruthless Operations | Netflix

Yet, working alone actually prompted Jinyoung to think about what GOT7’s driving force really is. He realizes that the group will continue to face many challenges together in the future, but he feels that overcoming those challenges together is what will ultimately make the team last forever.

It’s likely not possible for us to continue on without any trouble, right? Every water has its ripples. We will keep getting knocked down, but we’ll get back up to find a new road to try. This repetition could be what makes this team last forever.

— Jinyoung

While working alone can be daunting, Jinyoung is giving his best to both his solo ventures and to his team. GOT7 will always stay together, but now that Jinyoung is coming into his own it’s exciting to see what kind of music he will come up with. After all, he’s always had very high standards for himself!

Ahgases will be encouraged to see how committed Jinyoung is to staying true to the team, to music and to his own passions. We have Actor Jinyoung and now we have a GOT7 comeback; next thing is solo artist Jinyoung!

Source: W Korea