Here’s What The Girl From GOT7’s “Just Right” Music Video Looks Like Today

She’s all grown-up now!

GOT7‘s colorful and uplifting music video “Just Right” recently turned six years old, making one wonder what the little girl from the video looks like today. Considering how even the GOT7 members have matured in the past years, she must look quite different now. Well, we have the answer for you.

“Just Right” MV | JYP Entertainment

Lee Ja In (Also known as Leejain) is an actress. She has appeared in not only the iconic GOT7 music video for “Just Right” but also in K-Dramas such as She Was Pretty. She even appeared alongside Jinyoung in This is My Love (also known as My Love Eun Dong).

Previously, netizens believed Lee Ja In was also the actress in Jungkook‘s story in BTS‘s “LOVE YOURSELF” Highlight Reel, causing quite some envy in the K-Pop fandom. However, it turned out to be someone else we’ve seen from JYP Entertainment… ITZY‘s maknae Shin Yuna.

BTS’s Jungkook (left) and ITZY’s Yuna (right) | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Lee Ja In actually has her own Instagram account that she updates occasionally. Some of her posts from late last year and this year reveal she has also grown up quite a lot.

Is this really the same girl?!

Believe it or not, she’ll be turning 18 in the international age in October!

Lee Ja In (left) with GOT7’s Jackson Wang (right) | @leejain_03/Instagram

Perhaps, we’ll see her reunite with some of the GOT7 members soon in another K-Drama.

Lee Ja In (left) with GOT7’s Jinyoung (right) | @leejain_03/Instagram

Watch the “Just Right” music video below:

Source: @arsjiaerwang and Image


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