GOT7’s Mark Tuan Announces “One In A Million” Video Contest For Fans

It’s your time to shine, Ahgase!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan has announced a contest for Ahgase to celebrate the release of his collaboration with American EDM artist Sanjoy, “One in a Million!” The contest started on February 18 across TikTok and Instagram Reels.

| @marktuan/Twitter

There are a couple different prizes that are available to win. The first being canvas prints of Mark and Sanjoy, as well as a limited edition “One in a Million” sweatshirt.

| @sanjoyd/Twitter

To qualify, one must upload an original video to either social media platform with the official audio from “One in a Million.” Fans are encouraged to be themselves and to be creative, whether that’s through singing, dancing, or anything else. This means no fan edits of other people’s videos, including GOT7 or Mark’s. The contest is meant for fans and they want to showcase Ahgases!

Participants that receive at least 100,000 likes on a video will get prizes. Once eligible to win, you must send an email containing a link to your video to in order to receive your prize.

| @sanjoyd/Twitter

The second prize is a private Zoom party with both Mark and Sanjoy! At this time, the contest has no official end date. For the video chat prize, the contest will end once 10 winners are selected by Mark and Sanjoy. No specific amount of likes is required to be qualified to win this prize.

| Mark Tuan/YouTube

Good luck!

Source: @_mark_tuan_/TikTok and @sanjoyd/Instagram


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