GOT7’s Mark Reacted To BamBam’s “WAP” Dance— And Tried To Do It Too

Both made a solid attempt. 😂

GOT7‘s Mark recently held a livestream on Twitch, and discovered that BamBam had done the “WAP” dance! So of course he had to watch the video as a supportive friend and member.

| tuanzy/Twitch

Mark decided to stream his reaction to the dance, and laughed the entire time because he was surprised that he actually did it. After watching it, Mark himself tried to the do the kick motion from the dance, but said that he could barely do it because he needs to stretch.

He then decided to FaceTime BamBam, to tell him that he watched his “WAP” dance. He also shared that he tried to do the kick, but couldn’t kick as high as the original dance. BamBam then egged him on, telling him to do the dance but Mark refused.

BamBam shared that he would learn the full dance and post it on YouTube later, but wasn’t sure if it was “okay for [him] to do it” because the “lyrics are too much.” To which Mark laughed and responded with “you can do anything you want now bro.” We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on BamBam’s YouTube channel to see if he drops the full dance!

Source: Twitch and Feature Image