GOT7’s Mark Tuan Is Terrified Of Snakes And Spiders, But There’s One Thing He’s Even More Afraid Of

He’s mentioned hating it over and over again XD

In an interview with SeventeenGOT7‘s Mark Tuan shared that he was terrified of snakes and spiders. When Mark was a child, he used to live in South America, and one day, a snake got into the house and under his bed.


Thanks to that traumatic experience, snakes are at the top of his biggest fears list.

While less traumatic, Mark equally hates spiders after watching a documentary in elementary school.

But if there’s something he’s even more terrified of (and just straight-up hates), it’s his ramyeon hair from GOT7’s “A” era. He hates it so much he’ll never do that hair again, although he is open to perming his hair in different ways.

Not only did it look bad, but his members constantly teased him for it.

Mark has long expressed his hatred for the hairstyle, and since fans are often like their idols, Ahgases never let go of the “ramyeon hair” joke, if only to see Mark’s desperate attempts to erase it from his memory.

Mark revealed that since it was during GOT7’s rookie days, he didn’t have much say in the styling and just did as told. Still, he was optimistic since he had never tried to curl his hair before, but the results were far from desirable.

Even the company regretted the decision and tried to change his hairstyle, although it was to no avail.

Mark’s “fear” of his ramyeon hair is a running joke within GOT7 and the fandom, and he’s even made a TikTok commemorating his lifelong hatred.


can’t believe I’m bringing this one back from the dead 🤡#greenscreen

♬ original sound – ʚ ᵛᵅⁿⁿⁱᵉ ɞ

Mark’s ramyeon hair will probably continue to haunt him for a long time, but it’s always a guarantee for laughter, so no one (besides him) is complaining. And even he has fun with it.


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