GOT7’s Mark Tuan Clears Up Rumors That He Had Not Contacted His Members When He Returned To Korea

He’s got receipts! 😂

All of the GOT7 members are slowly but surely making their way to reunite…


The latest member to return to Korea is Mark Tuan.

Mark Tuan

Since the group’s members departed from JYP Entertainment last year, Mark had moved back home to California and signed with Creative Artists Agency LLC. Since then, he has released singles such as “My Life” and “Last Breath.”

Naturally, his return gave Ahgases hope that GOT7 is, in fact, having a full group comeback soon. Besides, BamBam has teased it so much.

Yet, it came as a shock to many when GOT7 leader Jay B revealed that he found out about Mark’s return to Korea like most of us did… through social media.

Jay B | @stationz89.1/Instagram

On Wednesday, Jay B was hosting KBS Cool FM‘s STATION Z JAY B’s R&B when a listener requested, “Leave a message for Mark as he is in Korea.” He agreed to the fan’s request but, in doing so, revealed the shocking news…

Ha… Mark-ya. How long has it been? You’re here in Korea, but you didn’t even tell me you were coming to Korea. I found out that you were in Korea through social media.

— Jay B

Jay B claimed that he had not been told in advance by Mark that he was returning. Instead, he found out through social media.

Aren’t we friends? I… Nevermind. It’s okay. Just, well, it’s nothing much, it’s just a little… I’m just a little upset.

— Jay B

Jay B teasingly reprimanded Mark and promised he wouldn’t stay upset for long despite being “hurt.”

Well, I’ll feel better once time has passed. Right? Nah, nah, nah, I’m not a petty person like that. Well, I do hold grudges a little, but I’m not exactly that type of person.

— Jay B

Additionally, he noted Mark’s affinity for kimchi jjigae (stew). So, he mentioned the possibility of eating it together…

Ha, Mark-ya. Now that you’re in Korea, I hope that you eat the kimchi jjigae that you’re always talking about.

— Jay B

…but remembered that Mark had not contacted him, so he must not care to meet up during his stay.

In any case, you’re not gonna meet me. Right? Looking at how you didn’t tell me… Seems like you have no intention of meeting me.

— Jay B

Jay B continued to tease Mark in his message, even going so far as to imply their years of friendship were over as a result.

If you were gonna get caught via social media in any case, I don’t know why you wouldn’t tell me in advance, it’s upsetting. Mark… It was good. All the memories I had with you were good. Be well.

— Jay B

Still, Jay B clearly wanted to reunite. So, he gave Mark one last chance…

Well, if you want to meet me, let’s meet once. But I don’t if I’ll see you, I could be busy. Fighting.

— Jay B

Now, Mark himself has responded to Jay B’s message…

Mark cleared up Jay B’s allegations against him, confirming Ahgases’ theories that it was a joke. He pulled out the receipts and revealed on Instagram that he had actually contacted the GOT7 group chat.

I sent this text as soon as I arrived…
I know you’re busy but please meet me…

— Mark Tuan

| @marktuan/Instagram

He also specifically tagged Jay B on his Instagram Stories with the hopeful message.

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