GOT7 Mark Tuan’s Father’s Account Appears To Be Hacked By Controversial Personality Andrew Tate

It’s not clear why Mark’s father’s account was targeted.

Ahgases (GOT7‘s fans) are warning other users online to avoid GOT7 Mark Tuan‘s father’s social media account as it appears to have been hacked by a controversial internet personality.

GOT7’s Mark Tuan | Glass Man

The members of GOT7 have always been open with their families, sharing moments with their parents and siblings throughout their careers. Of the members, one of the most active on social was Mark Tuan’s father, Raymond Tuan.

Raymond Tuan and GOT7’s Mark Tuan | Raymond Tuan

In addition to his Instagram account, Mark’s father uses Twitter to share photos of Mark through the years and other funny anecdotes.

A few days ago, fans couldn’t help but notice their following list now included a personality by the name of Andrew Tate. Many questioned if Twitter had automatically followed the user for some reason.

Andrew Tate is a controversial ex-boxer who rose to fame for spewing what has been labeled as misogynistic thoughts and ideas, like women being the property of men, and his opinions on domestic abuse.

Tate was recently released from a Romanian jail and placed under house arrest as authorities investigated allegations of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized criminal group.

Andrew Tate | Andrew Tate Website
Andrew Tate (center) after being released from jail. | Vadim Ghirda/Associated Press

The infamous personality was once banned from using Twitter, but it seems he (or someone spoofing him) has returned to the platform by hacking Raymond Tuan’s Twitter account.

Mark’s dad’s account was username changed to @cobarrtate, with the profile and header images changed to Andrew Tate’s.

The hacking happened sometime after May 5, when Raymond shared his latest tweet about Mark. If you scroll through the account, you can find many more Mark-related Tweets.

One of Mark’s sisters, Grace, confirmed that the account belonged to their father and they were trying to get it back.

It’s not clear if the account was actually hacked by Tate or just someone using his image. Hopefully, Mark’s father can get his account back!


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