GOT7’s Mark Tuan Just Uploaded His First TikTok— And It Has Us Laughing

He’s trying his best!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan has just created a TikTok account and posted his first video promoting his first solo song “One In A Million”. Someone’s been busy after his contract with JYP Entertainment ended!

Cover art of “One In A Million” | Mark Tuan

But what had fans laughing fondly was Mark’s clear unfamiliarity with TikTok’s editing features. Mark made a TikTok and posted it during his Twitch live stream, and it was adorable to see him continuously ask fans about what he should say, how he can flip the camera while recording, and if he should allow duets or not.

| marktuan/TikTok

After a few minutes, he managed to insert his song as a TikTok sound, but forgot to increase the volume of his actual video, resulting in the song playing over him saying “What’s up guys, this is my TikTok account!” and entirely muffling out what he said.

@marktuanFIRST TIKTOK VIDEO! ONE IN A MILLION OUT NOW! #marktuan #oneinamillion #FYP♬ One in a Million – Mark Tuan & Sanjoy

“One In A Million” is already #1 in 23 countries on iTunes, and his first TikTok video has over 3 million views and 825k followers in less than 24 hours. Keep up the hard work Mark!

Source: Mark Tuan Twitter and Mark Tuan Twitter Photo