GOT7’s Mark Tuan Reveals What He Thinks Of The Members’ Solo Music

“I think it suits them…”

With all of the GOT7 members focusing on their solo projects right now, sometimes it’s hard to get as much interaction with members as we’ve been used to, especially when it comes to Mark Tuan, as he is primarily living in LA right now.

Despite this, he has continued to show his support for the others in their solo ventures. Recently, when BamBam released “riBBon,” Mark posted a cheeky comment when retweeting the music video.

But, Ahgases have been curious as to what he really thought of the members’ solo music. So, in a recent Instagram Live, a viewer asked, “Thoughts on the members’ solo?”

Mark revealed that he feels everyone’s solo music is what he expected from them. It suits their style and reminds him of other music he has heard them work on in the past.

I think it suits them ’cause I’ve listened to a lot of stuff that they’ve made before too, and it’s exactly the same. I think it’s their type of music… It’s all really different.

— Mark Tuan

| @marktuan/Instagram

Of course, Ahgases couldn’t not tease him about “unwrapping his ‘riBBon.'” He laughed before emphasizing the play-on-words’ pronunciation of BamBam’s title.

| @marktuan/Instagram

Check out Mark’s full Instagram Live below:

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