GOT7’s Mark Tuan Gets Picked Up By Fan During Meet And Greet

They literally picked him up.

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan got picked up by a fan.

Mark is currently on his 2022 the other side North American Tour. At his recent concert in Philidelphia, he talked about how he noticed many tall fans present.

Are you the one that lifted me up earlier? We got a lot of tall people in here, and I was like… I felt short.

— Mark Tuan

Mark Tuan

He mentioned specifically how he met a fan during his VVIP Meet and Greet that was so tall at 6’4″ (193.04 cm) that she literally had to pick him up for their picture. For reference, Mark is only 5’9″ (175cm).

And then, during our picture earlier, 6 foot 4, she lifted me up like this, one hand. I was like, ‘Whoa!’

— Mark Tuan

The fan yelled out, “I’m sorry!” from the audience. He reassured her that it was okay and that he actually “liked it,” which got a lot of reaction from the crowd.

Fan: I’m sorry!

Mark: No, I enjoyed it.

Crowd: *Cheers, screams, and laughs*

Mark: You guys are taking it out of context.

The fan in question was @gotta_secret_ on Twitter. They responded to another fan’s video that captured Mark’s storytime.

They explained how it all went down. It was kind of an accident, but it made for an iconic photo and story.

They shared the photo from Meet and Greet, and being a full-body photo; you can see Mark’s feet off the ground!

It’s definitely a moment both Mark and the fan will remember for a long time!

Source: gotta_secret_

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