GOT7 Mark Tuan’s Sister Calls Him After Watching His “Thirst Tweets” Video

She had to ask him what a word meant!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan recently guested on BuzzFeed‘s Thirst Tweets series, promoting his first solo album, The Other Side. 

He is the third GOT7 member so far to appear on the series after Jay B and Jackson Wang.

Now, after the release of his Thirst Tweets video, Mark Tuan took to Twitch to react to it. So, he reacted to himself reacting to Ahgases’ thirst tweets.

Yet, he was not the only one who reacted, confused by the thirst tweets. Mark Tuan revealed that his sister had watched the video too.

Mark has two sisters, Tammy Chung, with whom he has assisted in the clothing brand 3rd Sibling, and Grace Tuan.

Clockwise: Mark’s brother Joey Tuan, Mark Tuan, mother Dorine Tuan, father Raymond Tuan, sister Tammy Chung, and sister Grace Tuan. | @linbea945/Twitter

After watching Mark on Thirst Tweets, one of his sisters called him to ask the meaning of an unfamiliar word. Even when he filmed the video, Mark had not known what it meant and had to have it explained to him.

My sister called after watching this…

— Mark Tuan

| tuanzy/Twitch & BuzzFeed

But when his sister asked, Mark had to do the explaining, much to his dismay. He did what no brother should have to do.

I had to explain it to her.

— Mark Tuan

| tuanzy/Twitch & BuzzFeed

Mark added that his sister had to shower after watching the video. You got to purify yourself afterward!

She said she had to go home and take a shower after … after watching this.

— Mark Tuan

| tuanzy/Twitch & BuzzFeed

At least it was educational?

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