GOT7’s Mark Tuan Designs A Tattoo For A Lucky Fan

He gave the design a lot of thought.

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan just started his 2022 The Other Side North American Tour, which is his first solo tour.

Mark Tuan | DNA

He had told fans in advance that the tour would “be a lot different than touring with GOT7” since the performances would be entirely focused on him.

It’s gonna be a lot different than touring with GOT7. For those concerts, we split up some parts with the members and whatnot. I don’t know how long my show is going to be, maybe an hour and a half. I gotta perform by myself from beginning to end.

— Mark Tuan


Although Mark expressed some worries about fans enjoying the tour since it was different…

I don’t know if the fans are going to enjoy it because it’s much different than what GOT7 used to do. We used to just dance from beginning to end. But, I hope they enjoy and have a good time.

— Mark Tuan

There’s no denying that fans lucky enough to see the first day of the concert absolutely loved it.

And fans could tell just how much he seemed to enjoy performing.

Along with his incredible performances, Mark also took the opportunity to interact with fans, showing his incredible personality even when leaving the concert venue by taking the time to greet his fans who were waiting.

Of course, Mark also interacted with his fans during the concert, which led to the idol even designing a tattoo for one lucky fan when the fan handed Mark a sign saying, “Give me a tattoo idea.” Before drawing his idea, Mark admitted that “this is hard” since “it’s on them for life.”

But his fan encouraged him by reminding Mark that he’s “an artist.”

Eventually, Mark decided to draw “a flower” and took his time drawing a pretty flower for the fan.

Even though he called the idea “just a little flower,” the fan clearly loved his drawing.

You can watch the videos of the interaction here.

You can read more about Mark’s endearing interactions with his fans here.

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